Spirit Animal Survival

Spirit Animal Survival story is loosely based upon a North American Tribe Legend about the beginning of life and the evil trying to rule the world, that only can be faced and defeated by the spirit animal bearer.
You as one of the chosen ones are faced with the destruction of your tribes
village and most of the members captured by the evil hordes to be sacrificed to the Evil Lord in exchange for dark spirit powers that sets this half human half animal creatures above everyone else to rule us all. 
You begin your journey to search for your people and to defeat those creatures to gain there Spirit Animal powers. Cleansing the world from this evil giving you the opportunity to restore,
peace and harmony for everyone.
SAS (short for Spirit Animal Survival)  is a Open World Sandbox Survival game that focuses on Cooperative Multiplayer game-play and also offers a Single Player Mode. 
In SAS you will be able to harvest fruits,vegetables and resources like stone,wood  to craft tools,weapons and building structures for your tribe and you to survive and live.  Besides the survival aspect of this game you will face numerous dangerous creatures some like animals that are hungry or territorial which you are only allowed to defend against or hunt if you are starving (Health or Hunger depleted) you will be punished if you just kill for fun (experience same damage as the animal) others like the Monsters of Evil are extremely dangerous and you have to cleanse the world from them. Besides  that you will need there spirit energy to be able to transform your being in one of the spirit animals that you will unlock as you defeat the Evil Lord Elite Monsters.  
Only after you defeated all 11 Elite Monsters and there hordes you will have all the Spirit Animals abilities unite in you to face the Evil Lord for a final showdown.