Game Core Elements

  • Nonlinear Coop and PVP Survival Multiplayer you have only one main goal and that is defeat all 11 Instance bosses to collect the 11 Spirit Animal abilities to defeat the Evil Lord and rescue your tribespeople but other then that just try to stay alive and survive because everything is out to either kill you or eat you.
  • Large and Vast Open World Environment with 4 Islands without loading screens.
  • Battle "Ship" Royale Mode (last ship standing)
  • Arena fight mode (PvP or Player v Creature)
  • 4 Boss Fight Instances at the start of Early Access
  • Morph into 11 Spirit Animals
  • More than 100 Creatures roaming the world besides the well-known Animals the World will be populated with Monsters, Dinos, and Dragons.
  • More than 200 Craftable items including 4 tiers of building material as well as complete Huts and structures for your Tribe.
  • Extensive Character Creation system for Male and Female almost every aspect can be changed.
  • 6 Sets of Clothes for Male and Female and more will be added every update
  • Many Weapons and Tools and like clothes and craftable items we will add more every update 
  • Various rideable and flyable Mounts like Dragons or Horses and Boats
  • Taming / Mating System were specific Animals can be tamed as pets and if you have a male and female pet of the same type they will be able to have babies. But be careful taming is very dangerous and if you are not successful you may die in the process
  • Own Private Server hosting possible, very easy setup
  • Over 49 Social Animations such as dancing and greetings to interact with each other
  • Many more exciting features to come.

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